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Premium Quality. Created in Amsterdam.

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Sticky Claws: Limited Edition Gel Nail Stickers

Premium gel nail stickers with handcrafted nail designs in very limited one-time stock from Amsterdam. These gel nail wraps last 21+ days, easy application, promote nail growth and safe removal unlike BIAB or gellac.

90s Raver: gel nail stickers as a reminder to dance like nothing else matters!

On this page we introduce you to our Sticky Claws x Electa Nail Art creation: '90s RAVER' gel nail stickers – remember the 90s rave scene? Imagine the pulsating beats, with lasers swirling around us, painting the crowd in a mesmerizing vibe and unforgettable nights! Everyone lit up the dance floor with infectious energy and rocked their own unique styles without any hesitation.. These gel nail stickers are a reminder to dance the night away like nothing else matters and spread good vibes!

Handcrafted nail art designs in limited availability

These gel nail stickers have a design that is carefully handcrafted by Electa Nail Art. She is a top-tier nail artist and innovator in Amsterdam, fully booked for the next year. She started nail art already a decade ago and is the nail artist of many pioneers in the beauty and fashion industry, among which Nikkie Tutorials and Patta. 

4 years of research for the best gel nail stickers

When the idea of Sticky Claws was born, 4 years of research for the best materials followed by our co-founder and engineer Celine. She tested every week on her own nail to discover first-hand what would work the best. This often posed risks like serious nail damage, poor shaping, poor or no adhesion. All this data was used to ultimately create the best innovative formula to offer long-lasting wear and easy removal, unlike traditional gellac or BIAB.

So elevate your at-home manicure with '90s RAVER' gel nail stickers and take your nail game to the next level! Take on the good vibes, a little bit of craziness and self-expression! Tag us when you wear them on your next festival, outfit slay, or next Matcha! Check us on TikTok with @sticky_claws or  Instagram.

Description: 20 Premium Gel Nail Stickers

  1. 20 flexibele gel nail stickers to fit every nail size
  2. High quality, durable, up to 21 day use
  3. Convenient to apply, promote nail growth
  4. Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellak
  5. A wooden stick and nail file are included
  6. Cure them for 60s with a LED lamp to ensure longevity (not included, buy it here)
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