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Premium Quality. Created in Amsterdam.

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Sticky Claws: Limited Edition Gel Nail Stickers

Premium gel nail stickers with handcrafted nail designs in very limited one-time stock from Amsterdam. These gel nail wraps last 21+ days, easy application, promote nail growth and safe removal unlike BIAB or gellak.

Angel Energy: Gel nail stickers with a nude background and futuristic alien shapes

Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of Angel Energy with our exquisite gel nail stickers. Handcrafted design by Electa Nail Art, these stickers feature a nude color background airbrushed with precision, a hallmark technique synonymous with her fully booked salon. Adding a futuristic twist, each sticker is adorned with a white alien-shaped layer, hand-drawn by Electa Nail Art herself, imparting a unique charm to your nails.

Gel nail stickers for your next festival, boardroom session or Matcha

Step into a realm of celestial beauty, where each nail embodies the essence of angelic energy. Our Angel Energy gel nail stickers transcend mere accessories; they are expressions of your inner divinity and style. Whether you're heading to a festival, dominating the boardroom, or enjoying your next Matcha moment, these stickers effortlessly complement your individuality and fashion sense.

Craftsmanship nail art by Electa Nail Art

The design of Angel Energy gel nail stickers reflects the unparalleled artistry of Electa Nail Art. With years of experience and a deep-seated passion for nail art, Electa infuses her creations with unparalleled beauty and sophistication. Made from premium materials, our gel nail stickers offer durability and easy application, ensuring a flawless manicure every time.

4 years of research for the best gel nail stickers

With extensive research spanning four years, our Angel Energy gel nail stickers promise the highest quality materials for long-lasting wear and gentle removal, unlike BIAB or traditional gellak. Each set includes 20 gel nail stickers, tailored to fit all nail sizes, accompanied by a nail file and wooden stick for effortless application and removal.

Description: 20 premium gel nail stickers 

  • 20 flexible gel nail stickers suitable for all nail sizes
  • High-quality and durable, offering up to 21 days of wear
  • Convenient application promotes nail growth
  • Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellak
  • Includes a wooden stick and nail file for effortless application and removal
  • Cure them for 60s with a LED lamp to ensure longevity (not included, buy it here)
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