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Premium Quality. Created in Amsterdam.

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Sticky Claws: Limited Edition Gel Nail Stickers

Premium gel nail stickers with handcrafted designs in very limited one-time stock from Amsterdam. These gel nail wraps last 21+ days, easy application, promote nail growth and safe removal unlike BIAB or gellak.

Embrace the Dream with 'ON CLOUD NINE' Gel Nail Stickers

Let ON CLOUD NINE gel nail stickers transport you to a state of pure bliss and serenity. Inspired by those unforgettable moments when you feel like you're on cloud nine – whether it's meeting that special someone, acing a boardroom presentation, or landing your dream job – these gel nail stickers capture the essence of pure euphoria.

Dive into the Sky with ON CLOUD NINE

Featuring a mesmerizing hue of blue with translucent undertones and delicate cloud motifs, ON CLOUD NINE gel nail stickers offer a dreamy aesthetic that will elevate your manicure to new heights. Each cloud symbolizes the limitless possibilities that await you, reminding you to reach for the sky and chase your dreams fearlessly.

Research-Driven Innovation

Years of dedicated research and development have gone into perfecting the formula for our own gel nail stickers. Our team, led by co-founder and engineer Celine, spend 4 years on testing and refining the materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. Unlike traditional gellak or BIAB, our gel nail stickers offer long-lasting wear and easy removal, without compromising on quality.

Elevate Your Nail Game with ON CLOUD NINE

Transform your manicure into a heavenly experience with ON CLOUD NINE gel nail stickers. Whether you're expressing your creativity or simply indulging in some self-care, these stickers are sure to make you feel like you're floating on air. So why wait? Embrace the dream and let your nails soar with ON CLOUD NINE.

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @sticky_claws for more inspiration on how to rock your 'ON CLOUD NINE' Gel Nail Stickers.


  1. 20 flexibele gel nail stickers to shape to every nail size
  2. High quality, durable, up to 21 day use
  3. Convenient to apply, promote nail growth
  4. Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellak
  5. A wooden stick and nail file are included
  6. Cure them for 60s with a LED lamp to ensure longevity (not included)
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