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Premium Quality. Created in Amsterdam.

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Sticky Claws: Limited Edition Gel Nail Stickers

Premium gel nail stickers with handcrafted designs in very limited one-time stock from Amsterdam. These gel nail wraps last 21+ days, easy application, promote nail growth and safe removal unlike BIAB or gellak.

Embrace the Y2K Vibes with 'That's Hot' 

Transport yourself back to the early 2000s with our 'That's Hot' gel nail sticker set, inspired by the iconic era of Paris Hilton and MTV music videos. Relive the days of jamming out to Missy Elliott, Nelly, and Destiny's Child while rocking your stylish nail art. This set encapsulates the essence of that time, blending vibrant colors and fiery motifs to ignite your nostalgia.

Crafted to Perfection by Electa Nail Art

Each gel nail sticker in the 'That's Hot' set is meticulously handcrafted by Electa Nail Art, a renowned nail artist based in Amsterdam. With her expertise and dedication, Electa has perfected the technique of blending colors and creating striking designs. The fiery backdrop of yellow and red, seamlessly merging into a sea of flames, is a testament to her skill and creativity.

Elevate Your Nail Game with Premium Quality

Experience the convenience and durability of 'That's Hot' gel nail stickers, designed to last up to 21 days with easy application and safe removal. Unlike traditional gellak or BIAB, these stickers offer a hassle-free manicure experience without compromising on quality. Each set includes 20 flexible gel nail stickers, suitable for all nail sizes, along with a wooden stick and nail file for perfect application.

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  1. 20 flexibele gel nail stickers to shape to every nail size
  2. High quality, durable, up to 21 day use
  3. Convenient to apply, promote nail growth
  4. Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellak
  5. A wooden stick and nail file are included
  6. Cure them for 60s with a LED lamp to ensure longevity (not included)
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