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Premium Quality. Created in Amsterdam.

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Sticky Claws: Limited Edition Gel Nail Stickers

Premium gel nail stickers with handcrafted designs in very limited one-time stock from Amsterdam. These gel nail wraps last 21+ days, easy application, promote nail growth and safe removal unlike BIAB or gellak.

Mentally at the Beach: Gel Nail Sticker Set

Dive into the Late Beach Nights Atmosphere

Experience the essence of late beach nights and endless swimming sessions with our 'Mentally at the Beach' gel nail sticker set. Crafted with a white background adorned with glitter flakes, each sticker is a gateway to the serene ambiance of seaside bliss. This style, mastered by Electa Nail Art, is a staple in her fully booked salon and is cherished by many.

Let Your Nails Tell a Story

Transport yourself to the tranquility of beachside evenings every time you glance at your nails. 'Mentally at the Beach' gel nail stickers encapsulate the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation, making them perfect for holidays, casual outings, or even weddings. Whether you're lounging by the shore or dancing under the stars, let your nails narrate tales of sun-kissed sands and salty breezes.

4 years of research for the best materials

When the idea of Sticky Claws was born, 4 years of research for the best materials followed by our co-founder and engineer Celine. She tested every week on her own nail to discover first-hand what would work the best. This often posed risks like serious nail damage, poor shaping, poor or no adhesion. All this data was used to ultimately create the best innovative formula to offer long-lasting wear and easy removal, unlike traditional gellak or BIAB.

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @sticky_claws for more inspiration on how to rock your 'MENTALLY AT THE BEACH' Gel Nail Stickers.


  1. 20 flexibele gel nail stickers to shape to every nail size
  2. High quality, durable, up to 21 day use
  3. Convenient to apply, promote nail growth
  4. Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellak
  5. A wooden stick and nail file are included
  6. Cure them for 60s with a LED lamp to ensure longevity
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