Premium gel nail stickers

  • Gel nail stickers researched for 4 years
  • Easy application with flexible fabric to contour and shape perfectly to your nail
  • Lasts for 21 days, yet easily switchable for special occasions or outfit changes
  • Premium quality materials and promotes nail growth
  • Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellac.

Collection: New: Tropic Like It's Hot

Introducing the New Sticky Claws Collection: Tropic Like It's Hot

Sticky Claws presents an unparalleled access to top-tier nail artistry and innovation products, designed for the ultimate at-home manicure experience. Crafted with precision in Amsterdam, our designs embody self-expression, individuality, and acceptance. From everyday chic to trend-setting creations, our range caters to all styles and preferences.

Inspired by trending colors and Y2K aesthetics, our latest drop is perfect for all your upcoming adventures, whether it's a date night, festival extravaganza, boardroom dominating sessions, or your next Matcha date.

Launching with premium gel stickers made from high-quality durable materials, our stickers offer convenience, promote nail growth, and ensure a safe removal process. Each set includes 20 stickers crafted with flexible fabric, allowing you to contour and shape them perfectly to your nails.

Elevate your nail game with Sticky Claws and let your nails become your ultimate accessory! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @sticky_claws for more inspiration on how to rock your Gel Nail Stickers.


Key Features:

  • Premium gel stickers for top-tier nail artistry
  • Inspired by trending colors and Y2K aesthetics
  • Convenient application and safe removal process
  • 20 stickers per set, flexible fabric for perfect shaping
  • 21-day wear time for long-lasting style