Premium gel nail stickers

  • Gel nail stickers researched for 4 years
  • Easy application with flexible fabric to contour and shape perfectly to your nail
  • Lasts for 21 days, yet easily switchable for special occasions or outfit changes
  • Premium quality materials and promotes nail growth
  • Safe removal process, unlike BIAB or Gellac.

Collection: Y2K summer trends

Sticky Claws goes Y2K gel nail art

Remember Kelly Rowland, addressing Nelly in Excel? Those were the days! We, Electa and Celine would tune in to MTV, where music videos weren't just entertainment but also a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of fashion and culture! Step into the era of Y2K with us! 

Nail art trends this summer

Step into the era of Y2K fashion with our latest collection, featuring Y2K-inspired gel nail stickers adorned with the hottest colors of this summer. 

Iconic Influences:

Drawing inspiration from the legendary style icons of the early 2000s, our collection pays homage to fashion trailblazers like Missy Elliott, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Pink, TLC, Usher, Aaliyah, Lil' Kim, and the iconic brands Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, Babyphat, Diesel, Juicy Couture and Rocawear.

Y2K Culture: nail art with the spirit of the year 2000

Experience a blast from the past with our gel nail stickers that encapsulate the essence of Y2K culture. From vibrant hues to futuristic designs, our collection captures the spirit of the era's technology, styles, and habits.

Summer Trends Nail art with the hottest colours

Stay ahead of the fashion curve with gel nail stickers featuring the trending colors of this summer. Whether it's high-contrast neon shades or metallic hues reminiscent of space-age attire, our collection offers a diverse range of options to elevate your nail game.

Nail art for Gen Z to express individuality

Blend nostalgia with contemporary flair as you adorn your nails with our Y2K-inspired gel nail stickers. Embrace the Gen Z obsession with Y2K fashion and express your individuality with every stroke.